Friday, May 20, 2005

Still waiting for that first translation...

Will it be Google to reach this long lasting dream first? Maybe Fluent Machines still has an advantage... Nothing new in this aritcle from The Stanford Daily Online Edition: "Machine translations, for instance, have come a long way at Google.

“Historically, the approach to building machine translation systems is to have expert machine linguists write down dictionaries and rules on how to translate, say, from Chinese to English,” said researcher Franz Och. “Trying to write down all the rules on how to translate from Chinese to English is very hard.”

Instead, Google is fine-tuning a translation program that can automatically translate back and forth between documents in different languages — a sort of virtual Rosetta Stone.

Current machine translations are inconsistent at best, Och said. One current translation program translated “The White House confirmed the existence of a new bin Laden tape” in Arabic to “Alpine white new presence tape registered for coffee confirms Laden,” in English."

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