Saturday, January 08, 2005

Live OpenSource Dictionary Project

I am glad this group of people started this project which contains a lot of the features we had projected years ago at Logos Corp. but never implemented. Live OpenSource Dictionary Project - About Us: "Lingster is the first ever freeware multilingual dictionary initiative launched to help language enthusiasts to keep up with constantly evolving languages. New words emerge on a daily basis, and both general and domain-specific dictionaries are hopelessly lagging behind. Argot and slang represent yet another rapidly moving target that is hard to follow with conventional language-learning methods."

Monday, January 03, 2005

CBS News | Defining Google | January 2, 2005�20:01:07

CBS News | Defining Google | January 2, 2005�20:01:07
...Google engineer Alan Eustace explains, "One of the ideas that we’re working on is machine translation. We strongly believe that there’s enough data on the Web and in the world right now to allow us to automatically translate from one language to another." ...