Thursday, September 15, 2005

Slashdot | A Useful Grammar Checker?

Yesterday was a very "linguistic" day at Slashdot. There was a post about A Useful Grammar Checker
Posted by Cliff on Wednesday September 14, @06:02PM
from the what-set-of-rules-do-you-use dept.
burtdub asks: 'With the amount of raw text data available, there seems to be no shortage of ambitious language projects on the horizon, from Universal Language Translators to Junk Email Filtering. However, the mess that is the English language still seems to elude commercial attempts while being relatively ignored by the open source community. What would it take to make a useful, functional grammar checker?'"

And, of course, as we are used to see on Slashdot, responses flew from all over and in any direction...

A graduate student, apparently from OSU, gave a tough answer to the usual reproduction of assertion of messiness of English compared to perfection of other languages in his post:
"Most of the comments about grammar here have been incredibly stupid, by the way. Here's an important thing you learn in an intro to ling class: all languages are equally complicated. It's not going to be easier to write a grammar checker for any language above any other. e.g. You might have to worry more about morphology in one language and word order in another."

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