Wednesday, August 24, 2005

NIST 2005 Machine Translation Evaluation Results

Finally something real from Google... and this time even beating many of the old timers. The table below shows the BLEU results for Arabic to English. While this is good advertizing for Google, it lacks comparaison to the present leaders in Arabic translation: Language Weaver and, the well established Apptek. It's great though to see competition heating up. I wonder when Fluent Machines will show off their high BLEU scores.

Site BLEU-4 Score
GOOGLE 0.5131
ISI 0.4657
IBM 0.4646
UMD 0.4497
JHU-CU 0.4348
SYSTRAN 0.1079
MITRE 0.0772
FSC 0.0037

The participants were:
U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International Spoken Language Translation Research Laboratories - Japan, University of Edinburgh - UK, Fitchburg State College, Google, Harbin Institute of Technology Machine Intelligence & Translation Laboratory - China, IBM, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computing Technology - China, University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute, ITC-IRST - Italy, Johns Hopkins University & University of Cambridge, Linear B - UK, MITRE Corporation, National Research Council of Canada, NTT Communication Science Laboratories - Japan, RWTH Aachen University - Germany, Saarland University - Germany, Sakhr Software, SYSTRAN Language Translation Technologies, University of Maryland

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