Friday, February 04, 2005

2B enhances Factiva's reputation

2B enhances Factiva's reputation - Computeractive: "Factiva has acquired the business and assets of 2B Reputation Intelligence, but details of the deal were not disclosed. 2B provide media and reputation monitoring software, as well as consulting services. Clare Hart, president and CEO of Factiva said the two companies have been working together for over a year and described 2B as a 'critical piece for an effective reputation management solution'.

'Whilst we were re-assessing the market this looked like the best way to accelerate our re-entry into the market,' Hart said of the decision to acquire 2B after dropping IBM.

Factiva announced in December 2004 that the IBM WebFountain web analysis platform was being dropped as the core technology for Factiva Insight for Reputation. WebFountain failed to provide timely content for analysis according to Factiva insiders. Hart denied that the IBM chapter had put Factiva behind in its reputation management plans."

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